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About Us

Kyber Consultancy Ltd is an independent IT Services company.

Formed in 2013 by Stuart Moore, a very experienced Management Consultant and senior level IT Professional.


Kyber Consultancy offers services from very experienced IT professionals with real world practical experience of running IT organisations in business critical situations, and bringing about major changes, be that cost improvements, technology changes, or strategic initiatives.

Digital Transformation and IT Strategy

We provide help and advice on developing IT Strategies aligned with Business Strategy, addressing Digital Transformation needs to increase flexibility, reduce cost, and pay down legacy debt..

We take a pragmatic approach based on experience of what can be achieved by a business.

In many cases, those in IT understand the business very well, especially the constraints on it, but they cannot focus on bringing extra value to the business because they are too busy looking after legacy systems that are in need of replacement.

Many business focused people are frustrated with the limits their IT systems put on them, and desire more flexibility, lower cost, easier to use solutions. They may well not be aware of the art of the possible, the new opportunities that IT can offer them.

Our IT Strategy Consulting service is designed to work closely with the people that know their business best, both in business and IT functions, and help bring about alignment between the Business and IT strategies, which really should be one and the same.

IT Management

We provide assistance and guidance to execute an IT Strategy, continue Business As Usual operations, bring about change in efficiency, cost, effectiveness, flexibility, responsiveness.

We can help IT Managers, in areas such as:

  • Cost reduction
  • Operational optimisation
  • Data centre rationalisation / centralisation / consolidation
  • Adoption of virtualisation and cloud computing
  • Business case development
  • IT organisation design
  • Strategy alignment
  • GDPR system footprint review

IT Project Management

We provide support to manage major business change programmes involving technology and business change with multiple stakeholders and a day-to-day business to keep running.

Managing major programmes of business change

Change programmes are very demanding on all businesses and difficult to do without compromising existing day-to-day business activities.

Our IT Project Management service supplements the experience and knowledge of businesses with consulting and project management experience gained from a wide variety of industries and many different IT projects. This will help businesses to accelerate key activities, avoid common problems, and focus on the most critical areas.

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